Reumasutra is the Kamasutra for people who have a rheumatic disease. 


Rheumatic diseases affect many aspects of life, and sexuality is, without doubt, one of them. This may be caused by a combination of factors, but the most commons are the side effects of drug treatment and symptoms of the disease such as pain, fatigue, stiffness, functional impairment, depression, anxiety, negative body image self-perception, reduced libido, and hormonal imbalance. Physical and emotional problems may cause difficulties with the partner, and increase the levels of anxiety, which leads to a less frequent and enjoyable sexual activity.

Sexual concerns are frequent in people with rheumatic diseases. There is evidence that they want their physician to provide them information on sexual issues related to their disease. However, in most cases, sexual problems in patients with chronic diseases are ignored by physicians.

Several studies have shown that health professionals have a very positive attitude about talking of sexual disease-related problems, but this attitude is not reflected in their clinical practice and very few reported to begin a conversation about sexuality.

The barriers that prevent them to start a conversation about sexuality are: perceived shame of the patient (83%), lack of time in consultation (72%), ethnicity of the patient (59%), domain and knowledge of the subject (56%), own shame (52%), age of the patient (51%) and lack of privacy (47%).

We have traveled around the world and listen to the stories of people who remain sexually active despite having a rheumatic disease.

Their stories help us define our purpose and we are breaking the taboo associated with sex in rheumatic diseases creating a dynamic, real and attractive audiovisual material with three purposes:

EDUCATION, in tested and adapted sexual positions.

EXCITATION, producing sexual desire in our viewers.

INCITATION, of the sexual practice and the rediscovery of bodies.


What is Reumasutra?